Photography + Design

Our Story.

I often think & often tell the story such that it started in 2008 when good friends of ours asked if we’d shoot their wedding. Yes, that was a significant moment, but as I reflect on our journey, especially on the early days, it’s much more than that moment – we’ve always held a passion for creating moments & capturing moments, & we’ve been blessed to do this throughout our life. We’re so thankful for all the relationships we’ve established, the life lived together, & for the trust bestowed.

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We both have always had an eye & a knack for the “creative.” Jenna – interior design; Matt – photography. We dabbled here & there, but in 2008 we met our friends Shannon & Brook downtown Charleston to celebrate their engagement. We took pictures, enjoyed dinner, & had a great time. A few weeks later, they asked if we’d shoot their wedding. “No.” was my (Matt) immediate thought / response. But time & their persistence convinced us otherwise. We launched in 2009 as matt daniel photography with the goal, being honest, of breaking even with the expense of purchasing a lot of camera equipment. We quickly realized that our husband/wife duo & relational approach to photography had a value on top of just quality images. The next few years we were blessed to meet countless folks, shooting & specialize in Weddings, Lifestyle Family Portraits, and Newborn Sessions.  We transitioned quickly from matt daniel photography, because afterall, it was us, to “the Daniels,” & signed all our cards “Love, the Daniels” .. hence our website presence. We spent years meeting folks, traveling, & helping capture moments of significance that all too easily evade us. Those years held a lot of hard work, but the people we met & the joy we shared are one of the highlights of our life.

In 2011 our daughter & second child was born. It became apparent that we needed to make some choices. For stability of our family we pull back from photography & began to think through what was next. We dabbled in quite a bit, though, and can also be found teaching others to capture their own lives through photography, experimenting with mixing Video into shoots, &pursuing design and decorating projects of many kinds. But photography hasn’t been on the forefront for a number of years.

However, we’ve now entered into a new season, one we’re not sure what the future holds. We still have a growing family – 3 kids, in fact, now – but we’re convinced photography & design play a role.

We don’t have all the answers yet & we’re not exactly sure the next steps, but if you are interested in working with us or simply up for grabbing a good cup of coffee, please send us a note. There’s power in conversation & we believe folks are often brought together for a reason.  

Love, the Daniels

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