the Daniels

We are Matt & Jenna Daniel, a husband & wife who are CRAZY about each other

and just so happen to share a passion for photography & design!

A family of five (14, 12, & 3), plus our red-headed Golden Retriever, we are in the throws of balancing day-to-day logistics of multiple sporting events with connecting with each other & even more so, connecting to all the God has in store for us.

We love our dynamic & truly embody the cheesy, ole saying that ‘opposites attract.’ Jenna, the natural creative & an unmatched ability to go with the flow, she sees the beauty in all situations. Additionally, her knack for digging in has allowed her to understand, comprehend, & then help our family as well as countless others in how to manage & navigate life. From the fun aspect of photography & interior design, to the often difficult moments of OT, PT, Sensory, & other uncommon needs we all have seemingly dealt with throughout the course of life. Matt, naturally organized & disciplined, brings structure our family needs. Often behind the scenes, Matt brings stability & security, providing the “technical” approach to our photography. That is all to say unless it has to do with his Jeep & the woods. “Just Go” is his saying that we often need to put productivity aside I just go to be, reflect, & have fun.

As a family, we share a passion for Jesus, being outdoors, starting the day with a good cup of coffee, trying new restaurants, spending quality time together (which, these days entails kids’ sporting events), & – obviously – capturing life through photography & dabbling in various types of design.  We are also passionate about the amazing community of NewSpring Church & love any chance we get to be a part of and document the way God is changing lives through this group of folks.

Our family has expanded quite a bit in the past few years.  Our three are the light of our life.  When we stop & think about it, we really can’t believe God chose to bless the two of us by allowing us to be their parents. And while we encourage them to balance dreams & responsibility, we ourselves do the same. We know we want to be the best couple we can be (for each other), the best parents we can be (for our kids), but also know we are called to love & serve others in a unique way. We love seeing how we can help bring out the best, or the God-given potential in others, & that’s come in so many forms.

Photography has always been a major part of our life.  As a husband & a wife, & as parents, we know how precious time is & how important it is to document every possible moment, no matter how big or small.  Without photos, we might have forgotten a moment spent together in those first days as a dating couple on the campus of Clemson University, what our Golden Retriever, Kelsey, looked like when she was a puppy, or Eli’s first precious grin.  Photos remind us of the beauty of Charleston sunsets, the love exchanged with a glance across a room between a groom & his new bride, & the sweetness of a newborn baby’s tiny toes.  The ability to capture those moments is a gift, & we love giving that gift to others.

We’d love to give the gift of photography to your family.

Many years ago now, we began shooting professionally as matt daniel photography, & we loved every minute of it!  With MDP we had so many fun adventures & met so many wonderful people.  But as our business grew & took shape, it became obvious that our name no longer fully represented us.  We are a team & what we love giving our clients is us, as a family, through photography.  As time moved on, many clients began naturally referring to us as “the Daniels” & we felt a shift happening.  We saw the end of “matt daniel photography” and the beginning of “the Daniels”!

An old client, & now friend, stated after her wedding that working with us was like working with “old friends.”  Old friends … we love that, and that’s what we strive for!

We’re a family.  We’re photographers.  We are the Daniels.
. . .

the Daniels