Friends and family traveled from all over to celebrate Meaghan and Scott’s wedding at the Mt. Pleasant Waterfront Park.  The park and pier overlook downtown Charleston and sit nestled underneath the Cooper River Bridge; a perfect spot to watch the sunset and get married!  As the guests arrived to the ceremony, they were greeted with chalkboard signs providing instruction, asking them to pick a side, not a seat.  I liked that.  But not only that, a box of sunglasses was on display so each guest could have “shades” for the ceremony.  Not only was this a great idea for a sunset ceremony, but what a fun prop for the reception, which they were!  The day continued to be filled with lots of laughs, love, and excitement from not only the bride and groom, but the entire group of guests!

Meaghan and Scott, it was a fun day!  Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your wonderful day and for trusting us to capture all your amazing moments and memories!

the Daniels

Looking back at Halloweens past, I can’t believe how much, and how fast, the kids have grown.  They get so excited about Halloween .. getting dressed up, seeing everyone around the neighborhood, and of course, trick or treating!  While Jenna and I have never been crazy about the concept of Halloween, we have learned to love it through our kids’ eyes!

This Halloween Eli dressed up as 4 different characters for different occasions, but for Halloween night he was a Knight in Shining Armor and Lucy Hayes was the Princess .. two roles that couldn’t be more suited for them!  As we walked through the neighborhood, Eli told Lucy Hayes and his buddy Ashley that he’d protect them with his sword.  And sure enough, with every passing goblin or masked figure, out came his sword, ready for action!  (The other dads and I joked that we wish we had plastic swords to carry.  Joked?  Right…)

Our picture taking was cut short when E and Lulu spotted a friend who invited them over.  We decided to let it go and hop the fence to enjoy some time with friends!   It was a fun Halloween and we couldn’t be prouder of our Knight and Princess!

**Special thanks to Well Dressed Wolf for Lucy Hayes’ princess dress and Princess of Tides for Eli’s cape and Lulu’s wand!

Halloween 2013 from the Daniels on Vimeo.

Past Halloweens with the Daniels:

  • Tammy - November 2, 2013 - 1:14 pm

    Wow and wow again! This is a treasured gift to this Mia, I will watch this thru tears of joy again & again. I know this takes a lot of time to put together & they are busy and not easy to capture on camera. Please know how special this tradition is to me. I start looking forward to before Halloween arrives. This helps us to feel close on special days we so want to share. Love the knight in shining armor & his beautiful princess!!!ReplyCancel

  • NaNa - November 3, 2013 - 4:49 am

    What a wonderful way to end the night to see my babies having so much fun. Seeing the movie makes me feel like I am there. They are so cute all dressed up. Enjoyed being in Charleston and spending time with them this pass Monday.ReplyCancel

I truly ADORE photographing children as they grow.  I can’t quite put my finger on what it is that I love so much, but when I get an email from a previous mommy client asking about a shoot, my heart skips a beat!  Maybe it’s because my momma heart gets so much joy out of having photos of my children in each and every phase.  Every single time I look back at photos of Eli and Lucy Hayes, whether they are from two years ago or last month, a flood of emotion rushes through my heart and mind.  The fact that the phase in the pictures is completely gone, that they don’t make that exact face anymore, or that they have grown bigger… and bigger…  and bigger… those things sting my heart to its core.  It HURTS to let your babies grow!  And in the same split second, my heart is overcome with laughter thinking back to that hilarious face and how they had to show it off to every stranger passing by.  My heart is overcome with joy reflecting on how much I enjoyed THAT specific phase in their life.  My heart is flooded with thankfulness that God chose me, little old me, to be their mommy.  All of those feelings are priceless!

This sweet family first contacted me when their oldest was around 6 months old, and Matt and I ended up at Smythe Park with them for a shoot soon after.  I distinctly remember Hayes’ blue eyes and how much he and his pup, Emma, loved each other!  I was seriously thrilled when Hayes’ mom contacted me again a few months ago letting me know that they now have a little girl and asked if I had availability for a shoot in the near future.  Of course I said yes!  I was blown away at what a little gentleman Hayes has become and loved capturing those same captivating blue eyes on his baby sister, Margaret.  Emma came along too and was just as sweet and well behaved as before!  McSwain family, thank you for allowing me to document these precious years.  It is such a privilege for me to watch your babes grow and freeze these sweet moments in time!

  • Tammy Dobbins - October 8, 2013 - 11:25 am

    Oh WOW! These photos are amazing & how super adorable are Margaret and Hayes. Jenna, you always have a special way with words that touch me over and over again. You stirred this proud Momma and Mia with this post. God has truly blessed you with many talents and I am proud to call you mine. I can’t believe what a big and handsome boy Hayes has grown to be.ReplyCancel

We always love when we’re able to shoot Charleston weddings where many of the guests are experiencing Charleston for the first time.  Being able to experience the many charming, exciting qualities Charleston has to offer through the eyes of the wedding guests reminds us what an unbelievable place Charleston really is!

Katie & Dave were married along the Cooper River at Harborside East with the backdrop of the Ravel Bridge perfectly outlined in the setting sun.  We had a blast getting to know the wonderful family and friends, capturing all of the sweet as well as hilarious moments, and simply being part of the wonderful day.  Katie and Dave, thanks for giving us the opportunity!

~ Love, the Daniels

The Hewitt family is so full of life and certainly knows how to have a good time!  I actually “met” Caycee a year or so ago through a blog that I follow, Pawley’s Island Posh.  I clicked over to Caycee’s blog and immediately recognized our neighborhood.  I emailed her introducing myself and found out that they live on the next street over!  What are the chances???  We hit it off over talk of children’s clothing, dining room chairs, and other things that make me tick.  We really are blessed to live in such an incredible neighborhood with friends all around!

When Caycee asked if we would take some family photos for them of course we accepted.  Matt and I were both able to meet them out at Old Wide Awake Plantation early one Saturday morning to capture their sweet family.  Caycee and Todd, we hope you will treasure these photos for years to come!  While we can’t stop our children from growing up, we can capture the moments and try our best to soak it all in!  H…


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