Halloween 2014

Matt and I have a love/hate relationship with Halloween.  While I have some fond memories of dressing up as a child, Halloween has been my least favorite holiday as long as I can remember!  I have always despised anything creepy or scary.  Matt has a strong aversion to any character with a mask, whether it be Jason or Mickey Mouse.  Our kids have food allergies, which makes things difficult.  The list goes on…

With that said, our kids looooove Halloween!!!  They love the costumes.  They look forward to the candy, especially since it’s not something they get on a regular basis.  They ADORE the social factor of trick or treating in a neighborhood flooded with young kids!  It’s amazing how I find myself loving and looking forward to something through our kids eyes that I selfishly don’t care for.  I think Matt and I both looked forward to Halloween with excitement this year!  It has become tradition to go across the street and shoot some video before we venture out to trick or treat.  The kids are chomping at the bit, and Matt and I find ourselves doing RIDICULOUS shenanigans to get them to stay still for long enough to get a couple of clips and snap a few pictures.  In addition to our usual excitement, we had a special treat this year!  My parents were able to come down for the festivities!  Eli and Lucy Hayes have never had grandparents around for Halloween.  To say they were thrilled is an understatement!  We had THE best time trick or treating, having pizza, throwing a spontaneous dance party, all followed by a fire in the backyard after the kids were in bed!  Matt and I realized this morning that we suddenly have two “big kids” who are both old enough to trick or treat successfully!  No one was toddling and getting knocked down by big kids.  No one crossed the street irresponsibly.  They both walked up to each door without us and used their best manners.  It was a pretty stress free night for us!  Woo hoo!

Without further ado, meet Elsa and Officer Daniel!

Halloween 2014 from the Daniels on Vimeo.

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