I’m kind of an intense guy, all around.  I’m a deep thinker, I like to push it physically, and I genuinely care about everyone I encounter.  It’s rare that I find a buddy who is willing to push the envelope with me in all of these areas.  While I have buddies who can kick back and talk life with me, there aren’t many who are also willing keep up and throw down in the gym as well.  Neal is one of the guys who is up for the challenge.  Not only are we able to push each other in the gym or on the pavement, but also in life.  This is a friendship I’ll be forever grateful for!

Neal proposed to his girl, Aimee, and I couldn’t be happier or more excited for them as they move towards marriage.  I had the privilege of walking with Neal as he approached proposing to Aimee, finding her ring, and then listening as he crafted out the day.  It’s been a fun past few months.  And as they get married, I’m excited to continue walking beside them and figuring out this journey called ‘life’ side by side!

[*Special thanks to EVO Pizza in Park Circle for humoring us for several photos!]

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Photos do & forever will have a special meaning to our family.


For several years we were blessed by photography, & we like to think that part of that blessing was through loving others.