Halloween 2013

Looking back at Halloweens past, I can’t believe how much, and how fast, the kids have grown.  They get so excited about Halloween .. getting dressed up, seeing everyone around the neighborhood, and of course, trick or treating!  While Jenna and I have never been crazy about the concept of Halloween, we have learned to love it through our kids’ eyes!

This Halloween Eli dressed up as 4 different characters for different occasions, but for Halloween night he was a Knight in Shining Armor and Lucy Hayes was the Princess .. two roles that couldn’t be more suited for them!  As we walked through the neighborhood, Eli told Lucy Hayes and his buddy Ashley that he’d protect them with his sword.  And sure enough, with every passing goblin or masked figure, out came his sword, ready for action!  (The other dads and I joked that we wish we had plastic swords to carry.  Joked?  Right…)

Our picture taking was cut short when E and Lulu spotted a friend who invited them over.  We decided to let it go and hop the fence to enjoy some time with friends!   It was a fun Halloween and we couldn’t be prouder of our Knight and Princess!

**Special thanks to Well Dressed Wolf for Lucy Hayes’ princess dress and Princess of Tides for Eli’s cape and Lulu’s wand!

Halloween 2013 from the Daniels on Vimeo.

Past Halloweens with the Daniels:

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