Halloween 2012

Fire Chief Eli and his tutu wearing Dalmatian side kick, Lucy Hayes, kept the streets safe last night while stockpiling candy!

As I watched our two little ones last night, I couldn’t help but observe their behavior and how their trick or treating style really just sums up their unique personalities.  Eli was raring to go.  If you don’t know E, he has only two speeds.  “Rabbit” and “off” (aka sleeping).  There is no “turtle.”  Eli wanted to run from house to house.  He greeted everyone he knew and introduced himself to the neighbors he didn’t know from a mile away.  If we would have allowed him, he would have scooped up a giant wad of candy from each bucket.  Each time he gave a genuine “thank you” and ripped open something to eat before even looking to see what it was.  Lucy Hayes, on the other hand, wanted to survey each scene before walking up to the house.  If she was skeptical, she would hide behind her daddy’s leg.  She was slow and steady.  The first thing she asked us to open was a pack of fruit snacks and then a mini bag of Cheez-its.  If she decided to approach a house, she would shuffle up to the front door, peer around the bowl, reach her dainty little fingers in and pick something, keep looking, and then would often put it back to pick something else (ie- She kept trading purple nerds for the pink nerds.).  Then she would hand her candy to us and ask for another cracker.  Don’t get me wrong, the girl is busy!  But it’s a different kind of busy than Eli.  While she learns behaviors from her brother (like head butting and wrestling), she takes a dainty approach to life.  We truly get so much joy from sitting back and watching their personalities emerge and develop.  They were so incredibly different from day one.  I love God’s sense of humor in how differently He created male and female.  You’ll notice Lucy Hayes twirling in the video.  We didn’t teach her to twirl. It’s just part of her being.  We didn’t teach Eli to be intense and to care about rescuing people who are in trouble.  It’s part of the way he’s wired.  I am so incredibly thankful to be able watch these two grow and be part of molding their tendencies and behaviors!

Without further ado, here’s a little peak into Halloween at the Daniel Casa!


Halloween 2012 from the Daniels on Vimeo.

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