Carriage Ride

This weekend was Mother’s Day as well as Jenna’s Birthday, and Eli and I had a lot of fun planning, prepping, and surprising Jenna!  Side note – When chatting with Eli about Jenna’s birthday and asking how old he thought she was, he said 18.  Good man.  😉  One of our surprises for the weekend was a carriage ride downtown!  We’ve been in Charleston a little over 6 years and have explored quite a bit of the city.  However, one thing we’ve always said would be fun but have never actually done is a carriage ride.  So this was the weekend!

We had a blast and the kids loved it!  Eli couldn’t sit still and kept asking our tour guide, Ben, random questions.  Typical Eli.  However, poor Ben .. he did an amazing job of being respectful while staying on track.  Lucy Hayes on the other hand, waved at everyone we passed and constantly ‘woofed’ at the horse .. we’re at the stage where we make a noise at everything.  It’s pretty cute.  And Jenna .. well .. she looked absolutely beautiful!  And her and I couldn’t help but exchange smiles at how perfect the evening was!

Jenna .. Happy Mother’s Day & Happy Birthday!  We love you!

This is Lucy Hayes’ new thing … making this face and ‘woofing’ when she sees a dog .. or a horse.  🙂

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