Photog E + Egg Hunt

I’ve always had a curiosity and knack for figuring things out.  And even as a little baby, we could tell that Eli had the same power/downfall.

He’s always been curious about our cameras, but for obvious reasons we’ve kept him at a distance.  I’ve tried a few times to let him play with my old 3.2 megapixel camera from back in the day, but watching him drop it (lens first) when he’s done reminds me he’s not ready.  However, this past Saturday we were at our neighborhood egg hunt when I let Eli have a crack at the real deal.

We were sitting in the grass, just hanging out when E walked up and asked for my camera.  I placed the strap around his neck and just sat back.  After all, it’s just a ‘thing’, right?  To my surprise, my boy did me right!

[ Photog E .. taken iPhone style .. slushy stained shirt and all ]

[ Eli’s shot of us ]

I’m a proud Dad.  😉

Here are a few more pics from the day’s egg hunt!

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Photos do & forever will have a special meaning to our family.


For several years we were blessed by photography, & we like to think that part of that blessing was through loving others.