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When you close your eyes and fast forward 30 years, what do you see?  Do you see the life you want?  Do you see the man/woman you want to be?

What we do now will dictate who we are then.

My buddy, Nate, realizes this.

Nate had a vision of what could be and should be for himself, for his family, and instead of letting risk, fear, or even people hold him back, he went for it.  His vision of serving his family and the community around him by growing/raising the purest food possible is extraordinary.  His vision started with a garden in Charlotte for his family, that turned into acres leased on a dairy farm serving not only his family but the community surrounding them, and as the passion welled up inside him he realized this wasn’t just something he wanted to do, but it was the thing he wanted to do.  In essence, he wanted to be a full time farmer, owning his own land and raising his kids on his land.  And within the last year, he has moved back to Charleston, started working at Thornhill Farms to ‘learn the trade’, and will be taking his vision one day, one adventure at a time.

I had the privilege of driving up to meet Nate and chat with him a few days ago, and the one word he used that really resonated with me was LEGACY.  Nate has a clear vision for himself, for his kids, and one day, for his grandkids.  Something truly inspiring and extraordinary.

Don’t be afraid to live life to the full.  Seek out the life you were created for.  Be extraordinary.

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