Brothers and Sisters

The other afternoon, before the Super Bowl, we spent a few minutes in the backyard and I’m loving the photos that resulted.  Eli and Lucy Hayes are at such a fun age – Eli’s mister independent and Lucy Hayes just wants to do anything Eli’s doing.  It’s pretty cute.  But, having two younger sisters myself, I can completely understand the annoyance Eli portrays and I can’t help but laugh.  Because after all, while it drove me nuts how my little sisters never left me alone I’d kill to have them close enough now so they could “bug” me!

I love this first shot … such a classic example of the Big Brother, Little Sister relationship!

We’ve always loved her many GREAT expressions.


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Photos do & forever will have a special meaning to our family.


For several years we were blessed by photography, & we like to think that part of that blessing was through loving others.