Lucy Hayes’ 8 Month Photos – Attempt 1

I’m not sure if you ever get the impression that taking photos of our own kids is easy, but I have news for you.  That’s not usually the case!  Most people comment that our own children must be the most photographed kids in the world.  In reality, it’s TOUGH to take time out from normal life and get in more than a couple of snapshots here and there.  We usually have to schedule it just like we schedule our clients’ sessions.  When it was just Eli, I did mini shoots much more often, simply because things were calmer around our house day in day out.  I have vowed that I am going to be more intentional with taking photos of our girl like I was with her brother.  Our baby girl will be eight months old in just two short days!  This morning, before putting her down for her nap, I decided on a whim to do a mini eight month shoot.  The title gives away how I feel about the results.  There will definitely be a follow up shoot this weekend!

I will be implementing a few strategies for attempt number two.

1) Don’t attempt a shoot right before nap time.

2) Hide all ugly/brightly colored toys that I don’t want in every single photo.

3) Most importantly, have Dada and Eli help entertain her so she will stay still for more than .23 seconds.

As a photographer, these things are common sense.  As a mom, all I could focus on was chasing her around the room, while trying to keep the clutter out of the photos.  To be completely transparent, I didn’t want to post these because they aren’t perfect.  But you know what?  Capturing sweet moments with our kids is not about perfection.   I often struggle with accepting less than perfect, whether it is related to work or home.  Down the road, I would hate to look back and feel like I missed out on remembering the sweetness of my girl’s toes or how incredibly fast she was at eight months, simply because less than perfect wasn’t good enough.  That doesn’t mean I won’t try again.  It just means that I’m going to look at the images with Mommy eyes and love them rather than being ashamed that they are less than perfect through my photographer eyes.  Whew, that was a little more honest than I intended to be, and it felt good!


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Photos do & forever will have a special meaning to our family.


For several years we were blessed by photography, & we like to think that part of that blessing was through loving others.