Trick or Treeeeat!

Our kids constantly make us smile!

This is the first year we’ve truly participated in Halloween and the trick-or-treat frenzy and boy did we have a good time!  Eli dressed up as an Old Fashioned Ice Cream Man, complete with ice cream buggy playing the oh so famous ice cream truck music.  And Lucy Hayes was a cute little ice cream cone to match!  We had so much fun walking around and then had a blast sitting on the front porch handing out candy.  After a bit, though, Eli looked up at me holding his stomach and said … My tummy hurts, Daddy.  I ate too much candy.  Ha!  What two year old says that?!  Love that boy.

Special thanks to Sugar Snap Pea for Eli’s killer necktie and Shop Belle for Lucy Hayes’ sweet little tunic.  You have to check them out, folks!

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Halloween 2011 | the Daniels from the Daniels on Vimeo.


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