Eli’s Smash Cake [#3]

To stick with birthday tradition around here, Eli smashed a cake to celebrate his third birthday!  Without getting too “themey,” every year we intentionally choose a location and cake design to reflect his current favorite things.  For his first birthday, he didn’t exactly have favorite things, so we went with his nickname, “E,” and an indoor location since it was rainy and freeeezing out.  Last year, he was all about transportation, specifically trains.  He has always loved boats, but that has been his obsession of late.  We pretend to ride, repair, dock, tow, and anything else you can possibly do to a boat, on a daily basis.  He begs to go to the “harvor” to see the boats anytime we head towards downtown.  So, something boat related was the natural choice for the location and “theme” of his third birthday smash cake shoot.  The fabulous Molly designed and created the cake, of course.  It could not have been more perfect!  Matt and I enjoyed this sweet time alone with our boy and seeing him get so “cited” about going to the “harvor” for a special treat!  We plan to let Eli smash a cake every year until he stops thinking it’s cool.  But come on, who doesn’t want to smash a cake and eat it until they’re sick for their birthday???


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