Jimmy + Lauren Foushee {Charleston Wedding}

Jimmy and Lauren are a beautiful couple.  Period.  But what’s even more exciting is their incredible story…

This sweet couple walked in the front door of our home and we clicked with them immediately.  They were all smiles and seemed crazy about each other.  We chatted for a minute and then I asked THE question.  “How did you guys meet?”  They looked at each other, Lauren mumbled something under her breath, and they agreed that Jimmy would tell the story.  They had met several weeks earlier through Facebook.  What???  As Jimmy continued, I tried not to look dumbfounded.  Well, the story goes deeper.  They didn’t just meet through Facebook by chance.  Jimmy’s brother, Matt, who happens to be married to Erin and one of our best friends, had casually met Lauren several times through work and just knew that she would be perfect for Jimmy (who lives in Chicago, by the way).  The REALLY crazy thing is that Matt and Jimmy’s older sister had met Lauren too and thought the same thing without talking to Matt.  With the siblings’ influence, Jimmy and Lauren reached out to each other through Facebook.  Their messaging quickly led to phone calls and they both claim that they knew almost immediately that this was it.  After several weeks of talking over the phone, they decided to meet in person, which only confirmed what they had both suspected.  A couple of weeks later, Jimmy proposed.  And here they were sitting in our living room, crazy in love, while I’m sitting there looking like a deer in headlights and loving every minute of it.

It was a beautiful love story.

Their entire wedding day was filled with love and genuine excitement.  Not just from the two of them, but from family and friends as well.  Everyone rallied around the two of them with such joy and enthusiasm as they celebrated throughout the day.  It was a beautiful day in so many ways, and Matt and I were truly honored that they chose us to capture it.

Jimmy and Lauren, thank you for allowing us to be part of your love story!  We hope you enjoy the start of your new adventure together in Chicago!

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