Happy 2011!

It’s 2011.  Wow.

We had an awesome Christmas – many amazing days with family!  However, we hit the holidays running, and haven’t stopped yet!  It was great, but busy!

I’ve been wanting to get some concrete goals and to-do’s jotted down for 2011, but haven’t had the chance yet.  But as I sit and think about 2011, I simply think … What’s important for 2011?  What’s important to do, or change, or improve this year? As a company, and as a family, we have some fun things coming … and I’m excited to share.  But there are several things that I really want to nail and hit home.  I’m pretty pumped about it.  I just have to do it.

So, it’s 2011.  What’s important to you?  Answer that, then become intentional in making it happen!  We’re capable of doing so much…

Have a great night!


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Photos do & forever will have a special meaning to our family.


For several years we were blessed by photography, & we like to think that part of that blessing was through loving others.