Eli’s Nursery

It’s been over two years, so I suppose it’s high time we share a few snapshots of our baby boy’s nursery!  We (ok, Matt isn’t so interested) have been thinking lots and lots about nurseries lately.  I’m getting into panic mode since we only have about 15 weeks before Sweet Pea’s arrival!  In that 15 weeks we need to plan and complete the nursery, polish up Eli’s big boy room, do quite a few little projects around the house, wean Eli from the passy at naps and nighttime, potty train, make the transition to a big boy or toddler bed, and brush up on our baby whispering skills… all while cranking up and killing wedding season!  Whew, I’m overwhelmed just looking at that list!  The great thing is that my level of excitement for all of these things far outweighs my feelings of being overwhelmed.  Let’s choose to focus on that!

Moving on to E’s nursery…

My mom and I had a blast spending hours and hours scouring the internet and stores searching for inspiration for this room.  Matt’s input was to do was made me happy while sticking to the budget.  He’s a simple and wonderful man!  Oh, except he didn’t go for the chandelier in his son’s room (He specifically requested a ceiling fan.).  I guess I can’t blame him!

Matt and I spent many evenings sitting in the floor of the nursery dreaming about what our baby would look like, talking about what we should name him, and trying to wrap our minds around the fact that we were about to embark on one of the most important journeys of our lives.  We spent the majority of our time during those first months of Eli’s life in that room, cuddling and soothing our sweet baby.  That was one special room.  When we sold 260 Kelsey Boulevard  this past August and left for the last time, that was the most difficult room to walk away from.  I knew that leaving that nursery represented the fact that our baby was growing up.  Although our sweet boy is two years old, is taller than any other two year old we ever come into contact with, and runs everywhere he goes, he still points to that cozy brown chair every night and says, “Mommy, rock pease.”  That, my friends, is why planning a nursery consumes and intrigues me.  It takes more heart and soul than the average room.  It’s where tears are shed, victories are celebrated, and a big boy can melt into his mommy’s arms.  What a blessing!

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