“Choo Choo!”

Last Saturday was a blast!  Eli loves trains – he yells ‘Choo Choo’ every time he sees one; it’s pretty stinkin’ cute.  And last Saturday we took him to a park in Greenville that, to my surprise, had a pretty killer train.  It was huge and took us on a 15 minute ride over bridges and through tunnels.  I won’t lie, it was awesome!  🙂

It’s crazy how fast Eli is growing up and how quickly he’s changing.  I’ve had several conversations recently with friends about how, as a parent, you can literally see your kid learn…it’s crazy and so true.  Every day Eli learns a new word or a new trick.  It’s fun to watch and be a part of.  However, he’s growing up so fast and I have a feeling we’re going to miss these days…

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