Any Old Monday… Or is it?

Well, our Monday was going about as normal as possible… a trip to Target, Moe’s with a friend, pool with a friend, spaghetti and watermelon for dinner, a family walk, and… firetrucks???

Scerrrrrrrrrrr.  What?  Yup.  Eli’s first experience with firetrucks.  Pretty exciting!

When we came back from our walk, Matt went into the house first and was met by the overwhelming smell of natural gas.  We thought that maybe Eli had messed with one of the nobs on our gas stove… although it’s one of the most serious “no no’s” in our house, it has happened before.  Matt checked the nobs, and all of them were in the off position.  We then checked the stove, gas fire place, and water heater.  Nothing.  After airing the house out for about an hour, having a neighbor who is a builder check things out, as well as calling to get advice from the local fire department, the consensus was to call 911 so firemen and the gas company could come check things out.

So here they came…

3 firetrucks, hoses hooked up, about a dozen firemen suited up with tanks and all, as well as a few axes thrown into the mix.  I felt so bad for them because it was only, ohhhh, 99 degrees with a heat index of 110 (seriously)!  Eli ran wild, pointed, and yelled “turrr” about 253 times.  After several hours of waiting, chasing Eli through the neighborhood, shutting off this and that, checking the gas levels throughout the house, etc, our house was deemed safe, and we could put our boy, who was completely whacky by this point due to being so overtired, to bed.  Oh yeah, and we’re completely whacky due to being overtired  too!

So Matt and I decide to crack open a beverage and toast to our every day adventures.  Cheers!

[Special thanks to our awesome neighbors and all the fellas at Station 20!]

. . .the night as normal. . .

. . .and then. . .

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