Eli’s 1st Birthday Smash Cake

Finally!!!  We have been waiting to debut this shoot since the end of November!  These images were used as part of our parents’ Christmas gifts, so we had to keep them hidden for awhile.  As you may or may not know, the smash cake is one of the main events at every first birthday party.  The idea is that the one year old has never had cake before, so they get their own little cake to eat however they’d like, which usually results in lots of personality showing through and a huge mess that’s just tons o’ fun!  I had a vision of Eli’s smash cake sometime late last summer (His birthday isn’t until November 23, mind you!) and knew we would want to document this fabulous occasion in a special way.

So on Eli’s actual birthday, Matt, my mom (Eli’s entertainment), and I set everything up and had our first official Smash Cake Shoot!  In addition to the cake smashing, I wanted to be sure that we really captured the essence of Eli at one year.  As a mom, I’m so afraid I’m going to forget the little things that make Eli “Eli” — his expressions, mannerisms, favorite things, sweet little toes.  As you’ll see in the first few images, “Pup Pup” joined us for part of the shoot, which will always remind us of our sweet boy’s first year.

As Eli’s mommy and daddy, as well as photographers, we were thrilled with the results of this shoot and are so excited to offer it to you!  So from here on out, we will officially offer First Birthday Smash Cake Shoots, which will also include a non smashing mini shoot.  We will provide a dreamy little cake, which I will work with you to design, decide on the location and the look and feel you want, and let your little munchkin go to town!  Please shoot us an email if you’re interested!

~ j

**Special thanks so Molly at D’Lish Desserts for creating Eli’s amazing smash cake!

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